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Activision, going dark

Activision set to remove MW map after legal troubles

Following the release of Modern Warfare II and the map “Breenburgh Hotel,” Activision is now facing legal troubles from implementing the hotel into Call of Duty.

Dutch media channel de Volkskrant mentions that the owners of the five-star Conservatorium Hotel aren’t particularly happy with the portrayal of their establishment in-game.

Breenburgh Hotel – Modern Warfare

Why is the Breenburgh Hotel map being removed from CoD: Modern Warfare II?

The fan feedback regarding the map is mostly positive, but it is not worth millions of dollars lost in a lawsuit, regardless of how the lawsuit goes.

Indeed, the reputation of the luxury hotel drastically changed, affecting its brand image, and furthermore possibly damaging its profits. The hotel’s image transformed from “Conservatorium Hotel” to “The Hotel that was in CoD” even as Activision renamed the establishment in-game.

The Conservatorium Hotel mentions that Call of Duty is a violent game, which goes against the hotel’s values, as previously mentioned. Furthermore, the luxury hotel might not want a swarm of Call of Duty fans treating it like a tourist attraction.

Several reliable leakers have suggested that the map will be removed following the release of Season One, which is set to drop on November 16th alongside Warzone 2.0.

Considering the release of Season one will contain several new maps, the removal of one map will not faze the players or Modern Warfare II’s development team.

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Activision is pulling the map from the game, and fans cannot be disappointed by this decision considering the reports of old maps coming to Season One, such as the following:

  • Shipment
  • Rust
  • Favela

As such, fans can put memories of this short-lived map behind them, especially as its continued existence could have meant serious legal trouble for Activision.