It’s official – CoD Mobile Season 9 is bringing back the Zombies mode

  • After more than 2.5 years, the Classic Zombies is back into CoD Mobile.
  • The mode will join the game along with the Super Attack of the Undead Mode in CoD Mobile Season 9.

Zombies mode fans rejoice as the much-awaited mode is coming back to CoD Mobile. With Halloween around the corner, you will soon be able to shoot down the undead in Season 9 of the game.

CoD Mobile Season 9, aptly named Zombies are Back, brings back two versions of the mode. These are the Zombies Classic and the Super Attack of the Undead.

Zombies Classic: The anticipated classic mode is back to CoD Mobile

The Shi No Numa map, translated to the Swamp of Death, is back. Players have to fight the undead as a squad across rounds, battling hordes of zombies.


Players will be able to get specific perks and also a Mystery Box to aid them in battle.

Super Attack of the Undead: The mode is back with a twist

Activision has added a new take on the Attack of the Undead mode with Zombies in CoD Mobile Season 9.

In this mode, a group of survivors will join the game with one player randomly turning into a zombie. This version of the mode will go on until there is either one zombie or player standing.

Fight as a squad in the Classic Zombies mode of CoD Mobile Season 9

The developer has also said that the zombies and survivors will gain new capabilities as the match will progress.

Fans have been waiting for a long time for Zombies in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile first got a taste of Zombies back in November 2019, just a month after the game’s global release.

Activision removed the mode in March 2020, though, saying that it “didn’t reach the level of quality” that the developer wanted it to.

At the time, Activision said that the mode could return in the future. Now, nearly 2.5 years later, the time has finally come.

CoD Mobile Season 9 is called Zombies Are Back

CoD Mobile’s Season 9 is set to begin on Oct. 13 at midnight GMT with the Zombies mode.

CoD Mobile Season 9 will bring a ton of other content too

Besides the two zombies modes, Activision is treating fans to a lot of other content in the upcoming season of CoD Mobile.

This includes a new map – the Haunted Hacienda. The map has a Halloween theme to it in anticipation of the festival.

The Haunted Hacienda map in CoD Mobile

Additionally, a new lethal equipment called the C4 and a new weapon, the Krig 6, are also coming. The Krig 6 is an Assault Rifle and can be unlocked for free through the Battle Pass.

The C4, on the other hand, will be released with a seasonal challenge later into CoD Mobile’s Zombies are Back season.