Cloud9 releasing LS has cheated all of us out of something beautiful

I'm not going to go much into why releasing the outspoken mad professor, who proclaimed that everything was bad and he wanted to change all of it, after two weeks because he was changing things is nonsense.

Pretty much everyone realises how stupid it was to either hire, or fire, him by now.

Most of us are a bit annoyed by the decision, and a lot of people were a little sad for LS himself; but we're all being blue-balled by Cloud9's idiocy.

No closure

Are LS' ideas good? Do they work? Is he a genius, or a charlatan?

Though I tend to lean into genius (he reminds me of myself, without the helmet, world class ability in every game and impeccable modesty), none of will ever truly know. We got a glimpse of what Karthus/Jhin comps can do around objectives. We got a glimpse of Soraka/Ivern mid. We got a glimpse of why he was so high on some of this talent he brought in.

But that's all we got. A glimpse, a hint, a dabble. The church goes home without it's tithes, the sinners go home without their big 'told you so' moment. However it went, there would be fireworks.

The way this ended gives nobody any closure. He didn't fail, he didn't succeed, he built a promising roster and got let go because he tried to do the things they signed him to do. For crying out loud, man.

Imagine you saw the opening scenes of Moneyball. Billy Beane comes in to the Oakland A's and has this super interesting method. He signs pitchers and batters based on the stats he believes will give him an edge.

And then he gets fired four games into the MLB season.

The church of Billy Beane. Via GettyImages

How does the film end? Billy Beane goes on ESPN and talks about how good his team would have been while the doubters say he knows nothing about how baseball works in the real world.

What a terrible ending to a film. That's what Jack has done to us. Turned a great start into something completely unsatisfactory, and I'm not going to make the obvious joke there. You dirty-minded freaks.

There's still a chance that his drafting philosophy lives on, and he's helped build this team. If Cloud9 succeed from here, LS will probably see it as some form of his ideas succeeding - but it won't really be all him. While Max Waldo is a disciple and there's still hints of LS, it's not quite the same.

If Cloud9 didn't want to make huge changes to their system, then why did they hire the guy who said he wanted to change anything? Why did they tease us with something wonderful and bring it crashing down?

Pro LoL is worse off because of their terrible decision. The LCS is dead, and the atheist mob killed it.