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Top eight locked

Cloud9 lock 5th as Golden Guardians sneak into LCS playoffs

A dominant Blaber performance saw Cloud9 ease past FlyQuest to take 5th place in the LCS and earn a game against CLG – instead of TL – in the LCS playoffs.

Blaber took over the game on Xin Zhao with a Yuumi/Zilean backing him, which, in fairness, does sound incredibly oppressive to play against. Ban Yuumi.

This means that the winner of CLG vs Cloud9 takes on top seed Evil Geniuses, while 100 Thieves await Team Liquid or FlyQuest.

So Team Liquid, realistically.

The losers of those games face either TSM or Golden Guardians, who finished 7th and 8th respectively.

The good news is we’ll get four best of fives in the LCS in one week. A Thursday night BO5? Hell yeah! The bad news, of course, is that one involves TSM and the other GGS, both of whom have been particularly poor.

The only man who could make watching TSM fun. Credit: Riot Games

The C9 vs CLG loser faces GGS, and TSM will take on either FlyQuest or Team Liquid. Don’t get me wrong; should TL lose to FlyQuest, a TSM vs TL lower bracket BO5 does sound spicy.

CLG have been the real story of the split, and look like a genuinely solid team in BO1s. Their drafting and gameplans have been unique, Dhokla has been a revelation and they are a deserved top 4 seed.

If you haven’t caught much LCS this split, C9 vs CLG could genuinely be a great BO5, and I’m not messing with you.