Cloud9 crush Golden Guardians to keep Worlds dream alive

Cloud9 needed a convincing win over Golden Guardians after a surprisingly weak showing against Team Liquid – and a 3-0 victory was just what the doctor ordered.

Game three was as close as GG got to winning a game, and even that was a far cry.

Playoff Perkz or Pandemic Perkz?

If Perkz’ Ryze is indeed ‘bad’ as the copypasta goes, then what does that make GG? 

Ryze was unstoppable in the sideline in both game one and two, and Golden Guardians could not find an answer. Blaber was kept on a leash, forced into Trundle duty two games in a row, and Perkz was able to show off and take over the game.

25 minutes was all it took in game one, with an eight kill difference in game two, as C9 displayed just how far ahead of GG they are. Game three looked close at times, but Golden Guardians’ Miss Fortune pick looked impotent as the ultimates did almost nothing to the C9 frontline. When Fudge solo-killed the player he replaced to end game three, it really put a neat little bow on the series.

C9 stay alive.

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