Cloud9 Blue sweep Rise to secure the last spot in Champions

After a tournament that ended up spanning weeks due to COVID restrictions, Cloud9 Blue battle through the lower bracket to sweep Rise with a dominant performance.

The best-of-five began competitively on Breeze, but Cloud9 quickly took the wind out of Rise’s sails once the first map ended.

Rise looked completely outclassed on Split. They didn’t win a single round, and everyone on C9 went positive. POISED was even held to 0/13/3 KDA. He’s not usually a top fragger, but a goose egg is a hit to the ego.

Bind was much closer between the two teams, but Cloud9 ended up closing the door with a 13-11 win.

The Vanity buff seems to be the most significant factor in C9’s success. We saw Version1 – Vanity’s old team – lose relatively early in the event, and Cloud9 now went on to win. 

It will be exciting to see Cloud9 compete on a global stage for the first time, although Vanity already has LAN Valorant experience.