Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Close contests are overrated: G2 Esports speedran Fnatic 3-0 in LEC semifinals

Of all the possible timelines, we live in the one timeline where G2 convincingly sweeps Fnatic 3-0 in the LEC semifinals. As should anyone who has watched the series, our writers have strong feelings about what transpired on April 9:

Are you ready for this, Rogue fans? Source: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Adel: G2’s AGDQ bus returns with more brutality

The brutality of G2’s 3-0 speedrun over Fnatic was so graphic that I would have appreciated if the LEC had a Parental Advisory before starting the show. Game 3 was the sole game where Fnatic put up a fight, and it nearly became a Wunder hero game.

As for the rest, one team came to play, whereas the other seemingly was in a hurry to pack their luggage for a vacation trip. In what could have been a close contest, one team’s no-show was gigantic in its disappointment levels.

Shockingly, Hylissang’s flop on champions that used to be signature picks (Thresh, Nautilus) was the least of Fnatic’s troubles. Perhaps there is more to his no-show as communication and team breakdowns can happen—especially after enduring a reverse sweep against Rogue.

Meanwhile, G2 are showing growth over their lower bracket rampage. Team Vitality bit the dust first, then came Misfits, and in comes Fnatic’s super team. Imagine beating two superteams and a regular season MVP with one Quacky guy in the bot lane; if you’re G2, you don’t have to, since you have noted duck owner Flakked on your team.

I, for one, cannot wait for Malrang to take on this version of Jankos. Their clash will be the first where both are fighting an almost exact carbon copy of each other, one where their surrounding cast will make all the difference.

Fnatic fans everywhere can resonate with the feelings conveyed in this picture by team videographer Pete. Source: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Yohan: Superteams like Fnatic don’t work anymore

G2 demolished Fnatic, and it wasn’t even a contest. One team came prepared, while the other was in another dimension. Superteams don’t work anymore, and today proved it.

Fnatic’s drafting proved to be disgusting (in its mediocrity) once again. When something doesn’t work a couple of times, you change it—unless you’re Fnatic. They picked Twisted Fate after losing three games against Rogue with the pick. Ironically, in the third game, they banned it from G2.

The biggest difference between the two teams was that G2 was composed, and they seemed to enjoy the game so much. The good vibes were missing from Fnatic as they looked like they were forced to play.

Fnatic’s individual brilliance was missing, and the notorious bot diff was nonexistent. Hylissang was caught too many times, and he looked uncomfortable on those champions. Meanwhile, G2’s Flakked and Targamas completely outmacroed their bot lane opponents.

As for King Jankos, and he showed why he deserved the honorifics. He single-handedly won the early game from G2, as if reminding everyone why he is called the First Blood King. An amazing player for the clutch moments, you just got to love him.

The final will be between Rogue and G2 Esports. The two teams with the most criticized off season moves will face off each other in the finals. What’s meant to be will always find a way.

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