Credit: Riot Games

The faithful shall be rewarded

CLG win first BO5 for three years with win over Golden Guardians

The faithful shall be rewarded.

That’s more than a motto for CLG fans; it’s been a pipe dream. A running joke, more often than not.

It’s taken over 1000 days, but CLG have finally won a BO5 , and will survive in the LCS playoffs after taking down Golden Guardians.

They didn’t make it look easy, mind you.

Game one wasn’t entirely convincing, but Luger put on a clinic in ADC play as he scythed through the duo tank frontline and chewed through objectives to give CLG an insurmountable lead.

But Golden Guardians hit back with a carry of their own – it turns out Zeri with an enchanter is really powerful. How could we ever have known?

Stixxay picked up 12 kills – more than the other nine players in the server combined. That’s a carry performance.

CLG returned to the Sivir in game three, this time into Twitch, and it brought them joy once more; though this was much more of a team performance.

CLG’s hubris made them keep Zeri up again – there’s a theme here – and were pushed to game five. Though in fairness, they had a hand from the mid-jungle who made Palafox’s life hell.

Somehow, nobody learnt from their mistakes.

Zeri was left up in game five, and CLG picked it up. With the game on the line, CLG raced into a huge lead and ambled over the finish line. It wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done.

Quite how such a huge lead ended after the third Baron, we’re not sure – but at least they didn’t throw it.

CLG survive.