CLG might just be the best team in the LCS.

Them’s fightin’ words, but they now sit at 4-1 after beating Evil Geniuses to go joint top in a ludicrous game.

CLG had an early lead but as they often do, Evil Geniuses wormed their way back into it and looked set to finish the game off in the CLG base with Elder Dragon.

Until CLG held them off, and on the next Elder Dragon picked off EG and pushed down mid to end the game.

It might seem like a fiesta, but CLG’s macro was genuinely great and this was a banger of a game. I’m not saying CLG are going to be taking on some Chinese teams at Worlds or anything…

But they might beat a Korean team or two.

TSM get outdrafted

Quick question; if you have go for Seraphine in the botlane, what is the last champion you want to see on the enemy team?

If it’s not Dr Mundo, it’s probably up there. Even worse for TSM, it was paired with Senna in the botlane. Now that’s a spicy pick.

It was a clever one, too. TSM’s most consistent damage was Yasuo, who can never truly cut through the big man, especially with Senna shield and heal. Mundo was completely unkillable.

Yasuo’s brother popped off in the midlane for Cloud9, as Jensen gave us the game we’ve been waiting for. Huge ults in teamfights and working with Blaber to set up kills in the early game; it was a complete performance.

In fact, it was a complete performance from the whole of Cloud9 who finally brought down the hammer on a team. 100 Thieves picked up just three kills between them.

FlyQuest had Team Liquid on the ropes, but did the ol’ Dignitas Baron and threw the whole game. Don’t just take it from me; even Santorin thought so.

You’re supposed to walk OUT of the Gangplank ult.

The final game was Dignitas vs Immortals, and Immortals were exactly as crap as they were in every other game. Dignitas perfect gamed them.

Dignitas hadn’t won a single game until now.

Blue’s Yasuo took over the whole game.

That’s enough of Immortals.

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