Credit: Epic Games

Chapter 3 Season 1 FNCS Grand Finals day 1 recap & results (NA-East)

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 FNCS is finally here, with the first day of the Grand Finals in the books.

We still have a full day of competition ahead of us – which will probably change the standings quite a bit.

While we wait for the final six games to start, here’s a recap of all of the winners and final placements from the first day of the NA-East FNCS Grand Finals.

Epic Games

Game winners

Grand Finals of the FNCS is different than the Fortnite the rest of us play. Around these parts, wins mean very little.

Especially in NA-East, consistent teams that secure one or two pop-off games will win the event nine times out of ten – regardless of whether or not they win a game.

Still, wins are some of the most exciting parts of any competitive battle royale. Here are all of the winners from day 1 along with where they land in the current standings.

  • Game 1: Degen & Eamzo (20th)
  • Game 2: Clix & Deyy (6th)
  • Game 3: OliverOG & playifyx (21st)
  • Game 4: Bucke & Cam (17th)
  • Game 5:Clix & Deyy (6th)
  • Game 6: Shadow & OmG Me II (4th)

Day 1 standings

It’s not uncommon to see a completely different day 2 scoreboard in an FNCS Grand Finals, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to start the day with a lead.

With teams like Mero & Bugha and Dukez & Jamper at the top of the heap to end day 1, I don’t see much changing unless some of them get no sleep, tonight. Even then, they might blow everyone else away.

To end day 1, our leaders are Mero and Bugha by four points. Here’s how the top 20 looks.