Chamber will change the meta – and he’s supposed to

The Valorant agent balance is some of the best you'll see in any hero-based shooter.

There are always going to be weaker and stronger agents, but the distance between the extremes doesn't seem as great as in games like Overwatch.

Right now, the meta is dominated by Jett, Astra, Skye, and map-specific agents like Reyna, Sage, Raze, Viper, Killjoy, and Cypher.

That's a high percentage of the agents in the game. Characters like Breech, Brimstone, and KAY/O have their place as well. At most levels, any agent is viable.

Riot Games

Enter Chamber, Valorant's newest agent that should enter the game this week. His kit is an obviously intentional attempt by the developers to shift the meta.

Chamber is clearly a Jett main's Sentinel. He has a trade-denial, economy booster, and AOE information gathering abilities.

The Valorant developers have confirmed that part of the methodology behind Chamber's development were bringing duelist mains to a more team-friendly role.

Chamber's kit lends itself to mechanical demons who would traditionally insta-lock Jett, Reyna, or Raze.

The right kind of enticement

A quick aside - I'd still play Overwatch if it wasn't for the role queue.

With Chamber, Riot are showing us exactly how to entice players to choose more necessary and lesser-picked roles for their team.

Instead of adding free loot boxes or shorter queues when you pre-lock a sentinel or smoker role, Riot are tailoring their agents to what everyone likes to do - frag out. 

They did something similar with Astra and KAY/O. By making these roles more fun, the entice players to choose characters that fill them over a malding five-stack duelist troll team.

Riot Games

A sneaky Jett nerf

There's a reason that Chamber is drawing comparisons to Valorant's most-picked duelist, Jett.

Chamber has a Yoru-like trade denial ability, which would allow him to be a primary Opper for his team.

He also has a eco buff, similar to Jett's knives. He can now save on the back of his ability, or choose a shotgun primary and have all levels of combat covered.

Jett's kit is powerful, but the reason pro teams pick her 100% of the time is because she is the best agent with the Operator. Chamber could change that - at least, that's what the developers hope.

Riot Games

A while back, I wrote that an Operator buff is the Jett nerf we need. Adding another top-tier Operator agent qualifies as a similarly indirect Jett nerf.

Of course, only content creators and pros have had a chance to use Chamber in a closed setting. We won't know exactly how he plays until we all get our hands on him.

Will we be completely wrong about Chamber's ability to shift the meta? Only time will tell.