F***ing finally

Chamber set to be nerfed (thank god) and emotes added?

Praise be to Riot.

Not a sentence I right very often, or anyone does; but they’re finally kneecapping the suave assassin who has been terrorizing ranked, pro play and probably unranked.

Not that I would know, of course. I’m a hardcore gamer.

Two big changes… ish

Chamber is getting some pretty heavy nerfs if the PBE changes go live.

Everything you could imagine being nerfed appears to be getting nerfed; the bullets in his handcannon go up by 150 (a particularly big nerf in round one), his ultimate will take another point to come online and both of his slows are having their duration decreased by nearly a third.

Similarly, his teleport is being nerfed in terms of how far the anchor points can be apart, the cooldown is up when used and up when destroyed.

That’s a harsh nerf; but it’s not an undeserved one.

This might finally open up more variety in terms of the Sentinels that will be picked and stop Chamber being so omnipresent in pro play.


The other change is… unlikely to change pro play too much.

We Fortnite now, boys. And girls. And everyone else.

Riot appear to have found a new way to milk the whale- I mean, offer cosmetic upgrades to people who would want them, and will allow you to dance after your clutch, or more accurately, allow your teammate to get caught out dancing on site as the execute comes in.

Do you think they’ll add a teabagging emote?

Glad this took up some resources that could have been used for… literally anything else, anyway.

All jokes aside, this is a fun addition to the game. At least, I assume it’s fun for the children who it’s aimed at. I have no idea.

…at least Chamber is getting nerfed.

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