Credit: Team SMG

CEO Moon and Team SMG kill Fnatic’s hope at DPC SEA Regional Finals

The DPC SEA Regional Finals lower bracket elimination series between Fnatic and Team SMG lived up to its potential.

Game 1 had two different approaches taken by both teams. SMG went for a push oriented scaling line-up whilst Fnatic opted for more of a single-target damage dealing draft.

Despite a decent start, Fnatic were unable to capitalise on their momentum that relied heavily on applying constant pressure over the map.

On the other hand, SMG’s push oriented draft equalised the early onslaught by Fnatic and slowly caught on, and eventually surpassed the men in Black and Orange.

A special performance from SMG’s Tidehunter and Storm Spirit was a delight to watch as SMG took game one by storm.

Similar draft approach in game two resulted in a similar result. SMG, on the back of their heavy nuke and push line-up, punished Fnatic’s ultra-late game line-up.

It was the CEO Moon’s show as his Queen of Pain induced a lot of pain against Fnatic’s squishy heroes. Moon had a total of 45 kills in two games and solidified his presence.

Ahfu’s Earthshaker was also commendable especially in a game turning point near the Roshan pit with a clutch Echoslam that completely destroyed Fnatic’s chances at a comeback.

Thus, Team SMG has eliminated Fnatic from the DPC SEA Regional Finals, and await the loser of the upper bracket finals between BOOM Esports and T1.