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A sad day for esports

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez resigns as CEO of G2 Esports

G2’s founder and former CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez has officially stepped down from G2 Esports. The decision comes after the recent controversy surrounding him partying with Andrew Tate.

Controversy and fallout

ocelote recently posted a video of himself and others celebrating G2’s world championship, including Andrew Tate. Due to Tate’s past troubles with legal issues, as well as his unpopular values and beliefs, this called people to call Carlos’ own character into question.

Carlos later doubled down on the video, rather than issuing an apology, with this tweet:

The controversy is believed to have cost the organization a place in VALORANT’s VCT Americas 2023 league. G2 were extremely confident about the fact they had been granted a spot in the partnered league, so much so that they had scheduled interviews regarding the announcement. Following the video, however, Riot reportedly held an emergency meeting in which they decided upon the organization’s replacement in the league.

ocelote had already agreed to take 8 weeks of leave from his role as G2 CEO. In addition to this, he would not be paid during that time.

People did not think that was enough, however, and many called for further action to be done. Others speculated that due to the organization missing out on the coveted VCT spot, shareholders would put G2 under pressure for further action to be taken.

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Since the announcement, many people have come out in support of Carlos. Most have stated that G2, and esports as a whole, would not be the same without his influence upon it.

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