One Nunu player's fortune: to have a cannon minion kill his opponent and stop a splitpush.
Credit: Riot Games

Our hero

Cannon Minion avenges fallen friendly Nunu by securing the kill

Losing a close 1v1 in League of Legends is one of the worst feelings. However, one player walked out with a kill despite losing the initial brawl. Because of a heroic Cannon Minion, a Nunu player in Solo Queue luckily walked away with a kill on Volibear, despite losing that 1v1.

After taking several tower shots and eating Nunu’s Absolute Zero on the chin, Volibear still smacked Nunu back to the fountain where he belonged. Yet, a single shot from a surviving Cannon Minion ruined all his hard work. We repeat: a minion took away all Volibear’s street credibility for itself.

Volibear was initially split-pushing for his winning team and trying to break into the opponent’s base through the top lane. Nunu was there by himself to defend the tower but struggled to chase the frenzying Volibear away.

The stronger Volibear and his hoard of minions forced Nunu to use his Ultimate, killing the minions and exposing Volibear to tower aggro. That was enough for Volibear to pack up his stuff and start running away quickly. 

At that point, Nunu probably thought he had shot the bear down. However, in a split second, Volibear turned the fight around with R—Stormbringer.

By the skin of his teeth, Volibear scored the kill before he got owned by the true MVP of that big skirmish, the Cannon Minion.

Despite losing the fight pretty hard, we can easily imagine Nunu saying “worth” in /all chat shortly after.

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