Inspiring nerds

Camp Knut is making athletes out of nerds

For those who do not watch Twitch content (who doesn’t?!), Norway’s streamer and bodybuilder-chats-crush legend Knut Spildrejorde is on a mission with his Camp Knut.

He is teaming up with “OTK” for Knut’s biggest challenge yet.

“OTK” is arguably the most prominent streamer organization to date, bolstering an incredible roster of industry legends, superstars, and, also, Rich Campbell.

Images via OTK/Twitter

The Challange

Knut, an athlete himself, has the Sisyphean task to get Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, Esfand, Nick “Nmplol” Polom, Jesus “Cyr” Cortez, Tectone, Eric “Erobb” Lamont, and “Lacari” up to some basic health and fitness standards.

The Camp “Knut”, is around the halfway mark, and we’re positively surprised by the inspiration this group is spreading in their communities.

Reading through the comments on YouTube and Reddit, there are almost only positive comments for Knut and the group of people. Especially Lacari and Tectone have impressed the audience.

The Challengers

Erobb is another individual who has impressed in Knut’s camp. Even though at least one of his fingers is broken, he pushes himself to higher standards. Being Tyler “TT” Steinkamp’s younger brother, the expectations are unreasonable, and he has been able to meet them.

Mizkif has put in quite some work, with probably the “best” physique out of all of them.

He was relatively fit before, having some athletic background, but throughout the event, he has constantly delivered 100%. Sometimes even more than that. It feels like he is leading by example, and we absolutely love to see that.

Nmplol is someone that I do watch more regularly, and to be honest, I had doubts. Within his community, he is known to be somewhat of a “soy” boy, something he has said himself.

But unlike the persona he shows during his regular streams, Nick has been able to turn around the early “laziness” he was displaying and has been pushing himself to new heights.

Being around the rest of the participants who are genuinely pushing themselves, I believe that Nick got inspired.

His ego did not let him stay behind, especially knowing how good he is at ice skating. Let’s see if he will stick to the routine even after Knut is gone, though I have some high hopes that Malena will keep him on his tipi toes.

Camp Knut is an inspiration to you… and me

The last two we have to talk about are Rich Campbel and Esfand.

Both of them were the biggest disappointments early on. Not taking the workouts too seriously and not adhering to the meal plans that Knut prepared. But over the last two weeks, they also have gotten their act together.

Especially, Esfand is having his hero arc, impressing the likes of “The Mountain” with his raw power, which “The Mountain” says comes from his ass. Rich has improved drastically compared to the beginning but is still not 100% locked in. It will be interesting to follow for sure.

Esfands power comes from the ass

Camp Knut has been an incredible success.

Not only have they been able to entertain their audience with a possible new streaming Meta, but more importantly inspired some to start with working out and being overall more healthy as well.

With the help of Knut and Wake Wilder, a fellow streamer and trainer who has been a big reason why the streamers have been able to progress quickly and save, the gaming community has been shown that even this bunch of nerds can become fit.

Let’s be honest, If they can do it, so can we!