Bugha’s Late-Game Mode is the best LTM Fortnite has ever seen

Fortnite World Cup winner, Bugha, officially has his own skin in Fortnite.

This is great for his fans, but the best part of his collaboration is his LTM and eventual Trios tournament.

If you haven't had time to play it, I suggest you do. It's the best LTM Fortnite has ever introduced.


Late-Game LTM

The Late-Game LTM begins at the third circle and includes as many players as Storm Surge would allow.

You don't have to loot or farm when you start, so you can drop right into the map and get to fighting.

For a long time, a lot of players have wanted to experience the game that pros play.

This is the first time that we can - outside of large-scale Zone Wars maps that don't truly translate.

All Fortnite LTMs aim to be unique, but this is the first time that regular players can truly experience the hectic tunneling, cranking, and battling that happens in every FNCS.

This game needs to stick around long-term. Forget all of the Arena Boxfight modes.

This is the alternative Arena Mode we want in the game.