Bugha’s back! Bugha, Muz & Mero win NA FNCS

Bugha has always been among the top players in Fortnite, but he hasn't won a major event since the World Cup two years ago.

In the Season 8 FNCS, he teamed up with 3x former winner Mero and OCE champion Muz. The trio was incredibly consistent, gaining first place after day 1 and holding it to win the whole event.

Epic Games

It was an incredibly close 12 games, with things coming down to the wire in the final game. 

There was even a moment when Jamper's team saw Muz get ressed in the kill feed, pushing them after they realized who they were.

This was likely the game-changing moment in the match, where Vilets' team came over and third-partied Jamper, making the second-place team think twice about going too deep on the engagement. 

Vilets probably had no idea what he was doing, but Bugha and company owe his team a percentage of their winnings on the weekend.

The most exciting part of this win is that they're a brand new trio.

Muz came over from OCE and proved that his skill translate. Bugha proved that he still has it. Mero didn't need to prove anything.

I can't wait to see what's next for the three of them.

If snake szn gets them, we riot. Leave them alone, Clix.