Bugha announces FNCS trio with Mero & Muz

After a brief teaser that Clix X Bugha X Bizzle would return for Season 8, Bugha found two other players to compete with him in the Season 8 FNCS.

Bugha will team up with Oceania FNCS legend who recently moved to NA-East, Muz, along with proven talent and former Reverse2k trio member, Mero.

Both Muz and Mero have won multiple recent FNCS competitions, but Bugha has had a drought of competitive success.

The trio won't be a favorite to win, but they're a strong underdog with a puncher's chance if they qualify for Grand Finals.

The trio also announced that they'd be claiming Misty Meadows, which is usually split between two teams in most major events.

We've seen how contested teams fair in the FNCS - not so well. Inconsistency plagues teams that fight off-spawn in FNCS. 

If the three veterans can remain uncontested, however, they have a good a chance as anyone to take home another FNCS victory.