Bugh & Mero win NA-East Chapter 3 Season 1 FNCS

Surprise! Mero is an FNCS winner, again.

Mero and Bugha, who led the tournament going into day 2, only added to their lead and took the victory in day 2.

This is one of the more consistent performances I've seen in Fortnite, with Bugha and Mero reputedly making it to late-game, securing eliminations, and getting ahead of storm surge.

Here's a brief recap of how it went down.

Game winners

Wins might mean the least in NA-East, with only two out of 12 game wins coming from teams within the top five.

Regardless, wins are always fun to watch when they happen and can drastically shift the standings when paired with a high-elim game.

Here are all the teams that won a game from day 1 and 2.

Day 1

  • Game 1: Degen & Eamzo 
  • Game 2: Clix & Deyy 
  • Game 3: OliverOG & playifyx 
  • Game 4: Bucke & Cam 
  • Game 5:Clix & Deyy 
  • Game 6: Shadow & OmG Me II 

Day 2

  • Game 7: Khanada & Acorn
  • Game 8: Neeqo & Pxlarazed
  • Game 9: Larson & Smite
  • Game 10: Khanada & Acorn
  • Game 11: Cented & Cold
  • Game 12: Kwah & Magnolia

Game winners

Consistency, consistency, consistency. I think Mero and Bugha had one iffy game the whole tournament.

Although they never won, Bugha and Mero had the best average placement by a mile and the second-most eliminations in the event. Those two elements are enough to win an FNCS for any team.

It was a joy to watch Mero and Bugha work, here. Their rotates were on point, they always had a plan for Storm Surge, and they took smart fights that they knew they could win.

Both players are Fortnite veterans at this point, and it's good to see them get their first as a duo.

Chimp and Spayde probably feel a bit robbed by getting second. They came into the day trailing the winners by 4 points and put up some top-tier games of their own. Bugha and Mero just had a day.

Here's how the top 20 looked after day 2. If you want to see what the standings looked like after day 1, you can view the recap here.