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Wild changes

Buffs galore await Shaco, Zeri’s laning while Viego mains cry ahead of Patch 12.12

  • Shaco will be getting some hefty buffs next patch and might become a meta pick
  • Riot is officially nerfing Zeri, but it honestly looks like overall buffs
  • Viego is back in the patch notes, this time with some coveted nerfs

Riot Games’ dev team teased some of the changes in the upcoming League of Legends Patch 12.12, and there are many controversial buffs and nerfs coming through—again. Say hello to a strong Shaco, a stronger Zeri laning, and a Sad Viego.

After a recent tweet from Riot Truexy, LoL fans beheld an in-depth look at the upcoming patch: eight champion buffs, eight nerfs, and four adjustments. Furthermore, the patch will bring some system tweaks to Night Harvester and Predator respectively. 

The patch’s most exciting changes include significant buffs to Shaco, which might bring the annoying trickster back into the jungle to mess up every solo queue player’s joyful experience. Unless your name is Pink Ward and you’re in high elo in North America; if so, these changes spark joy.

Riot will also buff Zeri’s early game while taking away some of her late-game power. Meanwhile, Viego mains will cry all the way home (or alongside Ryze mains) as the Ruined King might literally be ruined after Riot hits him with the nerf hammer.


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Is Shaco becoming viable at pro levels now?

For Shaco, Riot is doing much to make him viable in the meta. We know, Riot must be either completely fearless or doesn’t know what they are going into. Or they’re huge Pink Ward fans.

The buffs for Shaco will include an increased AD ratio on his Q—Deceive, an increased AP ratio on W—Jack In The Box (oh dear), and AP/AD scaling buffs on E—Two-shiv Poison.

Meanwhile, Riot will lower his armor and HP growth to tone these noticeable buffs down a bit, but it doesn’t seem enough to take away the strength of all these juicy new ratios.

Riot is nerfing Zeri, but is it really a nerf?

She's got the zoomies and the buzz: Zeri styles on lane opponents starting Patch 12.12
Photo: Riot Games

Riot buffed Zeri significantly on Patch 12.11, and her win rate predictably spiked in solo queue.

On patch 12.12, Riot is reportedly nerfing the hyper-carry bot laner, but are they really nerfs? Sure, Riot are removing some scaling from her recently buffed Ultrashock Laser (W); but that’s only really effective for the late game, where Zeri is already a monster. 

To make up for that single nerf, Riot are increasing the base damage on her W and increasing her health regen and health regen growth. All in all, these are some solid buffs to Zeri’s early game, which is often when she struggles the most. 

Nerf? We are not so sure about that, Riot. 

The Controversial King is back, this time with nerfs to his name

Viego has taken the ax as Patch 12.12's changes nerf him to the ground.
Photo: Riot Games

What better way to round off a seemingly crazy patch with bonking Viego on the head with the nerf hammer? Riot has recognized how nasty he is, both in solo queue and professional play, and they are doing something about it.

Viego will see his Passive heal on possession decrease, and his bonus damage on R—Heartbreaker toned down a bit.

However, the most exciting change targets his E—Harrowed Path. Riot are removing the potential for an instant stealth combo, making it easier to shut him down.

Patch 12.12 is still subject to change as the patch notes aren’t out yet. It has been tested extensively on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), and there is still time to do so.