Jhin's W sure has a wonky target indicator, as a Reddit LoL clip shows
Credit: Riot Games

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Broken hitboxes and bullying: Trending Reddit LoL clips of the week

With over 150 champions in League of Legends, fun interactions and incredible clips trend in the community on a daily basis—especially on Reddit.

Whether it’s clown fiesta clips from low ELO or highlights from a professional streamer, there’s always something fun on reddit’s front page. Clips range from legit solo queue outplays to ‘Riot spaghetti code spotlight’ in one way or the other.

For this week, we will take a look at how hitboxes are clearly horrendous in some areas on the map, as well as a few extraordinary outplays, including one from a Renata Glasc support pulling all the stops.

Hitboxes are broken again: Jhin lands a W when he shouldn’t

The first clip of the week features Jhin hitting Miss Fortune with a W—Deadly Flourish that should have missed. 

The infamous LoL hitbox strikes again in this clip, including its well-known spaghetti code moment. This weird coding comes to life in this clip, where MF is hit despite the hitmarker from Jhin being completely off on screen, because of the low-ground high-ground transition from the River..

It was pretty unfortunate for the MF, who probably thought she was home safe from the Jhin skill shot. The story doesn’t tell if MF ends up dying, but based on her lack of Summoner Spells she might have. 

Support of the year? Renata protects carry with all she got

Have you ever felt like a true hero when playing support and saving teammates? This Renata did.

In best support fashion, this Renata stepped in and saved her Jinx, who fell prey to Blitzcrank’s hook to start things off. The low-health Jinx makes the opposing Blitzcrank and Miss Fortune tunnel vision completely, leading to the arrival of master-blocker Renata.

She tops it off by flashing into the second Blitzcrank hook that would have hooked Jinx, saving her teammate and contributing to a 2-0 trade. It’s fair to assume that this lane didn’t turn out fun for the Blue-side team.

What we all dream of: Bard bullies Master Yi to death

The last clip this week is beautiful in many ways, mainly because a Master Yi got the short end of the stick. 

With several beautiful Q—Cosmic Bindings, this Bard disrupted Master Yi’s jungling by a ton. Then, after Yi goes in, he kept juking him while slowly chipping away on his health.

Before Master Yi could finish him, a random Urgot R—Fear Beyond Death flew from downtown to swallow up the Yi and complete the play. Thus did Bard get the last laugh. Does Bard laugh?

These were just clips from one week in the League of Legends space, wonder what lands next week.