Credit: ESL

Brazil vs. Spain

Day one of EPL contained a very interesting Spanish vs. Brazil match with Movistar Riders vs. Godsent. Both teams have shown promising results and interesting players to watch.

Today, Spain took home the win after a hard-fought 2-1 series. Going forward, Godsent will look to bounce back as their newest addition – HEN1 – gets used to his new team.

BIG fall short against Liquid

Following the departure of XANTARES, BIG has been stuck without a solid 5th player. At first, gade came in, but he proved not to fit the team’s dynamic. Then, the team signed faveN, but moved k1to to the academy team.

Now, young-gun Krimbo – of BIG Academy – has stepped into the roster for the RMR cycle. In his tier-one debut, he slightly struggled. But, the entirety of BIG could not withstand the pressure from the trio of Elige, oSee, and NAF.

Liquid took the series 2-0, and going forward, the trio will definitely be a threat to all rosters in this group.

The world continues to dominate tier-two NA

While ESL has done a fantastic job to help revitalize the tier-two NA scene, more work needs to be done before any of these teams will be able to be upset threats.

Playing under the team name “Players”, Gambit players completely dominated this match. Not a single player of Gambit had a negative KD, while the opposite was true for Party Astronauts.