Credit: Supercell


Brawl Stars will soon stop running on these devices – check if yours will

Supercell is ending support for some Android and iOS devices running on an older operating system in Brawl Stars soon.

In a blog post, the Finnish developer announced that it was ending support for all devices below iOS 11 and Android 7.0.

If you are on a device older than this, you will soon no longer be able to enjoy Brawl Stars.

If that’s the case, you will need to update to a newer operating system before jumping into Brawl Stars again.

You can check how to do this on the Apple Support website or Google’s support website.

If your device isn’t eligible for a software update, then you will need to upgrade your phone itself.

Supercell said that the support for these older devices in Brawl Stars was ending due to “technical reasons beyond its control.”

It’s not surprising for developers to do this as time progresses and it becomes tougher to support older devices.

With iOS 11 releasing in 2017 and Android 7 coming out in 2016, it’s unlikely that a lot of users will be affected by this change.

Brawl Stars’ Halloween Update is coming

If you are glad that your device won’t be affected by this update, then it will make you even happier to hear that the latest update for Brawl Stars is almost here.

The Brawl-O-Ween update is bringing a lot of content to the mobile game.

The most exciting content in the update is the new chromatic Brawler, named Buster. Being of chromatic rarity, he will be unlockable through the Brawl Pass.

Buster, who is a tanky Brawler, has a main attack that consists of a wave of light. This does more damage the closer he is to his enemies.

Besides this, Supercell is also revamping the gears system in Brawl Stars’ new update. Additionally, the company is also finally adding the Report button to the game.