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Brawl Stars adds new esports organizations-themed pins

Love watching Brawl Stars esports? Now, you have one more way of supporting your favorite esports organizations, and it’s right inside the game. 

Supercell has added new in-game pins based on esports organizations. Additionally, new profile pictures based on the teams are on the way as well. 

The pins have been released for nine organizations right now. These are as follows:

  • AC Milan Qlash
  • NAVI
  • Obey Alliance
  • SK Gaming
  • STMN Esports
  • Team Queso
  • Tribe Gaming
  • Reply Totem
  • Zeta Division 

These pins aren’t Brawler-specific. Thus, players can equip them onto any Brawler before hopping into a game. 

The new pins based on esports orgs in Brawl Stars.

Supercell launches new Partner Program with esports orgs

Supercell has introduced the pins as a part of its new partner program with established esports organizations. 

The program is currently in its pilot year, and for it, Supercell has only tied up with nine long-standing organizations in Brawl Stars esports. 

The nine orgs Supercell is tying-up with for the BSC Partner Program.

While only pins have been released right now, new profile pictures are on the way as well. Based on the performance of the organizations in the remainder of the season, new skins could also be released into Brawl Stars.

Supercell hasn’t revealed, however, if it has developed a revenue share model with the esports organizations based on proceeds from the purchase of pins in Brawl Stars. 

For organizations who weren’t able to make it to the partner program right now, Supercell has asked them to fill out a form. 

The Partner Program will be expanded with more programs and perks from next year onwards. 

Brawl Stars Championship

Brawl Stars Championship (BSC) 2022 enters final seasons

The Brawl Stars Championship features seven seasons of monthly competitions for six different regions around the world.

Each season gives qualification points to the World Finals, which will take place in November with a $500,000 prize pool.

Currently, the monthly finals for season six are underway. Next month will feature season seven which will be the last chance for teams to book their spots at the World Finals 2022. Fans can check out the standings on Brawl Stars esports’ official website.

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