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It's a bug after all

Blizzard finally addresses Overwatch 2 ranked bug

The Bronze 5 Overwatch 2 ranked bug was one of the biggest issues that the game had. After ironing out many of the bugs that made the game literally unplayable, this was the most prevalent problem that players ran into.

In Overwatch 2, a large percentage of players were stuck in the lowest-possible rank – despite winning multiple sets of seven games and never getting a rank-up. Since SR is hidden in Overwatch 2, the community speculated as to whether or not it was even a bug.

Well, Blizzard have finally weighed in on the topic and confirmed that it was, indeed, a bug. Even better, the bug is now fixed and should push players out of Bronze 5 on their next rank update.

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Overwatch 2 ranked bug fixed

The silence was deafening on this topic, as more and more players took to the Overwatch forums and Reddit to voice their complaints. The funniest part of all of this was the group of players who weren’t experiencing this bug, telling the legions of Bronze 5 players that it was a skill issue.

In the October 13 patch notes, Blizzard finally told their players that they fixed the Overwatch 2 ranked bug. They never mentioned the word “bug,” though, which is interesting to note

It suggests that, rather than a bug, this was a horribly designed ranked system in the first place – pushing the vast majority of the community to the lowest rank in the game.

Overwatch 2 Ranked Bug

According to the update, we should be able to climb after our next update – which will be interesting to see. Will a Gold player who goes 7-7 rank up? Will it only be based on wins or take damage/healing/mitigation into account?

Only time will tell, but I’m excited to get back in there and finally get out of Bronze 5.

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