BLACKPINK has mesmerized millions of fans around the world with their voices. PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with the K-pop girl group now gives players a chance to use their voices in-game. 

As a part of the collaboration, PUBG Mobile has released four voice packs after BLACKPINK’s members. Each voice pack contains commands from either one of the band’s members, namely Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.

PUBG Mobile x BLACKPINK The Virtual Concert

The BLACKPINK voice packs contain a range of commands which can be used to communicate with your allies in PUBG Mobile when you aren’t able to open your microphone. Some of these are as follows: 

  • Fall back to the safe zone
  • Form up
  • I’m going in 
  • I need a gun
  • I need a scope
  • I got supplies
  • Excellent work
  • Help
  • I’ll take the back

There are many more and they are in both – English and Korean. 

While this all sounds awesome, getting the voice packs is extremely tough, though. You can only get them through the PUBG Lucky Crate with the chances of unlocking the voice packs are quite slim. 

The Lucky Crate costs 60 UC to open once and 540 UC to open 10 times. 

PUBG Mobile x BLACKPINK has been one of the biggest collaborations for the battle royale title to date. 

What made it even more exciting is that the popular band even released a song called Ready For Love in partnership with the game. 

BLACKPINK also performed a concert in PUBG Mobile called The Virtual last month.

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