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Black Friday PS Plus discounts coming on November 18

Black Friday, the infamous shopping weekend set the month before Christmas, is nearly upon us again. But luckily for us gamers, we can mostly avoid the chance of being crushed underfoot trying to get epic deals with Sony’s upcoming PS Plus deals and discounts.

The official PlayStation Twitter account has confirmed that, on Nov. 18, its PS Plus service will receive a 25% discount as part of this year’s Black Friday deals. There’s no confirmation if the discount applies to all levels of the subscription service as this is the first year of the new multi-tiered model, but here’s to hoping for some great savings.

How much cheaper will PS Plus be during Black Friday in 2022?

There is no precedent for this specific discount as the multi-tiered PS Plus subscription was released in 2022, but those on the higher tiers can hopefully expect a great discount when topping up their subscription.

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PS Plus Essentials usually costs £49.99 annually, and we can expect the discount during the Black Friday sale to bring it down to £37.50. The Extra tier with the PS4 & PS5 game catalog (£83.99 annually outside of sales) would be discounted to £62.99; and Premium, with the Classics catalog, (a whopping £99.99 per year) would see the biggest discount, dropping down to £74.99.

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Can you purchase PS Plus again if you are already subscribed?

For those already subscribed, don’t fret: you can still get this deal as additional subscriptions can stack onto the end of your current plan. There’s no indication if these deals will be available on monthly and three-month subscriptions, or if those on Essentials Or Extra tiers will be able to upgrade at a discounted figure.

You can check out the PlayStation Black Friday Deals website or their Twitter account for updates leading up to Nov. 18, 2022.

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