Other highlights from the Future Games Show

  • Rooted: Unreal Engine 5 strikes again as it’s being used to power Rooted. Build up and get ready for war as killer robots are out to get you.
  • Stray Blade: Upgrade your blade and take on a variety of foes in Stray Blade. I think that’s all you do, but it looks pretty rad.
  • God of Rock: Guitar Hero meets Street Fighter? Yes it seems goofy, but these games are the ones you might have the most fun with!
  • SCP: Secret Files: Mysterious organization set out to protect the people from anomalies. You may have heard it before, but SCP: Secret Files is infusing the horror into it.
  • Phantom Hellcat: A 2D adventure that turns 3D when in combat, Phantom Hellcat looks very good. It also helps this game is very stylish in this Phantom of the Opera type adventure.
  • The Chant: Spiritual adventure turned horror nightmare. Sign me up!

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