The German squad is now close to reaching the Legends stage, needing just one more win.

BIG had a strong T-side on Inferno, running away to a 12-0 lead. Renegades managed to turn the momentum around, but their efforts were far from enough to close the gap. A comfortable 16-9 victory for BIG.

Spirit dispatch of Tyloo

Tyloo shattered many fans’ pick’em dream yesterday by beating Sharks but was no match for Team Spirit today. The Asian team tried to play a very dynamic T-side, changing the pace every other round but were shut down no matter what they tried.

A painful 16-3 followed, sending Tyloo to the elimination bracket.

ENCE outlast Mouz

Ence and Mouz provided a competitive game on Nuke, as both teams were equally matched. But towards the end of the game, Mouz looked like they had run out of steam. Ence converted a 10-10 tie to a 16-11 victory, with dycha and doto deserving special praise for their performances.

Entropiq silence Spanish hopefuls

Movistar Riders are one of the discoveries at the Major thus far, but a 16-12 loss to Entropiq has put a dent in their chances to qualify for the Legend stage.
Entropiq on the other hand looked like the solid team we’ve come to expect them to be. El1an is one of the highest-rated player at the event thus far, once again topping the charts against Movistar.

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