Credit: Riot Games

Big changes ahead: Riot Games tease Patch 12.8 buffs, nerfs

Riot Games may have released League of Legends’ Patch 12.7 a week ago, but they are already working on the next patch—and it is loaded:

The biggest changes target bot lane balance, where Jinx reigned supreme for the 2022 spring split competitively. As she and recent bot lane opponent Xayah are brought in line, Riot are attempting to push Ezreal, Tristana, and Jhin to the fore. Are they buffing Fnatic’s bot lane?

Meanwhile, supports have some adjustments headed their way: Soraka’s might in solo queue and Pyke’s overall potency may have made it difficult to lane against them. That is especially true for Seraphine mains, who are still reeling from Moonstone Renewer’s nerfs in 12.7, and who will rejoice as their main receives compensatory buffs. Not that we will see her in pro play anytime soon.

As for the other lanes, standard picks may return if buffed enough: Mordekaiser, Aatrox and Vladimir in the top lane; Sejuani in the jungle; and Zoe, Kassadin and Sylas beyond counterpick status. So, the cycle continues: pros don’t need to learn new stuff, and Nick “LS” De Cesare is right again.

As for potential buffs to Vel’Koz (proxyfox will be very happy about this), Xerath (is that Froggen I see?), and Bard (as long as they don’t buff on-hit top lane Bard, we’re good) and Fiddlesticks (#LIVEEVIL?), the fun factor is there, but they are unlikely to stand out to those who don’t play them.