Credit: lolesports

Better late than never: SK keep playoff hopes alive after outclassing Rogue

SK Gaming have defeated RGE in the first game of the superweek and have doubled their chances at making the playoffs. Although those chances have increased, they depend on other teams stumbling. 
The game started with a lot of proactive plays from SK on the map. They opted for an early game composition, which paid off but in the late game. I know, it doesn't make sense, but they won. I guess the adrenaline kicked in. 
The mid-game was strange as both teams choked. Just when it looked like SK was starting to choke their lead, Rogue started choking themselves. Both teams kept trading objectives, and the game was dead even until SK snuck a Baron takedown after losing Treatz in a teamfight. That Baron eventually ballooned to victory. 
The biggest teamfight occurred around the 27th minute, and SK's lead swelled from there. 

SK finished off Rogue in about 40 minutes and kept themselves in playoffs contention, at least for another game or two. As for Rogue, well, first place is no longer in their hands.  
What does this win mean for the rest of the scenarios? 

  • SK's playoff chances are doubled but remain small (6.25%), depending on Excel Esports losing their games 
  • HUGE shambles for Rogue as, although their Top 2 chances stay high (85.54%), the room for several tiebreak scenarios in the top 4 has been opened. 
  • XL's chances at missing the playoffs have doubled... Does 5.47% count as doubling, up from 2.73%?