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Attack, attack, attack!

Best wonderkid strikers in Football Manager 2022

Wonderkid strikers are the crème de la crème of all wonderkids in Football Manager 2022. What’s an attack without a premium number 9? For all your chances created, you’ll struggle to perform to your xG without one.

Luckily for you, here at Jaxon, we have you covered. Have you got an aging striker you need to replace? Or do you just want to bolster your attack for years to come? Either way, here is our list of the best wonderkid strikers in Football Manager 2022.

Youssoufa Moukoko

We’ll begin our list with the youngest player on it, Borussia Dortmund’s Youssoufa Moukoko. A figure already making a name for himself in real life, he broke the under 19’s scoring record in Germany aged just 15. That’s probably a large part of the reason why he’s the best wonderkid striker in Football Manager 2022.

‘Why is he the best?’ You might ask; his Potential Ability range of 170-200 is unmatched in the wonderkid striker department in Football Manager 2022. Out of all the players on this list, no one has as high of a Potential Ability as Moukoko. He can even become the best player in the world if you train him right.

His real-life skills are also well translated into the game. His Finishing and Dribbling stats are already both 15, while his First Touch and Composure stats are both 14. He’s also incredible physically for his age, with 16 Acceleration, 15 Pace, and 12 Strength. All of this adds up to a 120 Current Ability.

The best wonderkid striker in Football Manager 2022, Moukoko is capable of helping your squad from the beginning of a save. He might be pricey, but you can potentially pick him up for a bargain price if Dortmund takes too long to renew his contract.

Borussia Dortmund

Benjamin Sesko

RB Salzburg’s Slovenian giant Benjamin Sesko has just agreed a deal to join RB Leipzig next summer, this makes Football Manager 2022 the last year you’ll be able to sign this wonderkid striker for a reasonable fee.

Sesko may start your game with a respectable 123 Current Ability, but his 150-180 Potential Ability range undoubtedly makes him one of the best wonderkid strikers in Football Manager 2022. Train him right and Sesko can become one of the best strikers in world football.

Just like Moukoko, Sesko is physically excellent for his young age. He has 15 Acceleration, 14 Pace, and 13 Strength. His 12 Dribbling, 13 Finishing, and 13 First Touch promise that he will be technically excellent in the future too. These three stats are the golden trio for the mildly overpowered Advanced Forward role.

If you’re not using an updated database, you’ll be able to sign Sesko for around £15m at the end of your first season. Be aware though, that if you’re not in Europe, he might already consider himself too big for your club.

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Karim Adeyemi

Next up on our list of the best wonderkid strikers in Football Manager 2022 is Sesko’s RB Salzburg teammate, Karim Adeyemi. We could say ‘former teammate’, however, as he has already moved to Borussia Dortmund in Summer 2022. He will still be at Salzburg at the start of your FM22 saves though.

Another physically excellent player, Adeyemi is the fastest player on our list of best wonderkid strikers in Football Manager 2022. His 17 Acceleration and Pace make him an absolute speed demon, while his 14 Agility makes him tricky for Defenders to handle. 14 Dribbling also helps in that regard, and 14 Finishing helps him put the ball in the back of the net once he’s passed them all.

With 134 Current Ability, Adeyemi is the best player on our list of the best wonderkid strikers in Football Manager 2022 at the start of a save. His 160-190 Potential Ability range also means he has the second highest Potential ability too.

He’ll cost slightly more than Sesko at £20-25m, but this just reflects his excellent Current Ability. A left-footed player, Adeyemi is also excellent at cutting inside from wide areas and can play on the wing if needed. This is one wonderkid striker you don’t want to miss out on in Football Manager 2022.

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Lorenzo Lucca

Rounding out our list of the best wonderkid strikers in Football Manager 2022 is our personal favorite, Pisa’s Lorenzo Lucca. Like the previous two names on this list, Football Manager 2022 is the last year you’ll be able to buy this wonderkid striker for a reasonable price. He’s just moved to Ajax on loan with an option to buy.

The Italian is even more of a giant than Sesko, with a huge 201cm frame. This might make him the slowest player on our list of the best wonderkid strikers in Football Manager 2022, but he counteracts this with his strength. His Strength attribute begins at 15 and will only grow further, making him an excellent Target Forward if that’s what you’re into.

16 in the Finishing and Heading departments also support the Target Forward claims, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he isn’t technically strong. Lucca has 12 Dribbling, which is reasonable, but his 14 First Touch is very good. They can both increase massively too, with a 126 Current Ability and a Potential Ability range of 150-180.

Lucca also happens to be the cheapest player on the list, due to him starting life at Serie B team Pisa. He won’t want to leave straight away due to signing a new deal, but when he does, expect to pay between £7-12m for his services. At that price, you’d be a fool to not sign this Football Manager 2022 Wonderkid Striker.

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