Best Landing Spots

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite

In a game of Battle Royale, where you land has a massive influence on how the game will go for you. Finding the best landing spots in Fortnite can make or break a round, because your drop off will determine how much loot you’ll find and how many enemies there will be to fight. Depending on your playstyle, you might want to immediately throw yourself into the fray or alternatively start a little ways away from the hotspots where most players will compete for the most loot.

Of course, since Fortnite first came out, the game has continuously evolved and changed. With every new season, the map shifts, there are new locations, new NPCs and new loot. The best landing spots in Fortnite depend on which season you’re playing – we’ll tell you about some the best ones for the current one, Chapter 3, Season 3, along with a couple of unusual but still really good ones.

The best Landing Spots in Fortnite 1: Rave Cave

Rave Cave is one of the new additions of the Season and one of the best known hotspots. With almost 60 chests and loot caches, it has hands down the largest amount of loot waiting for players, which is part of the reasons why a lot of players like to start here. Beware of any campers hiding on the many ledges, but if you can manage to get to one of those yourself and snipe a little, you can get ahead of the game.

The best Landing Spots in Fortnite 2: Tilted Towers

A staple of Fortnite and always a hotspot, Tilted Towers is here again with 52 chests, 56 ammo boxes and nearly 200-floor loot scattered around. No wonder it’s a popular starting place – make sure not to get jumped on by the other players and if you do, make a quick getaway in one of the vehicles and you should be just fine.

The best Landing Spots in Fortnite 3: Daily Bugle

Home of Spiderman and sort-of mirror to the tilted towers, this web-covered building complex contains a whopping 46 chests, 34 ammo boxes and an additional 140+ floor loot. There’s also two vending machines and a bunch of barrels of slurp, so you have a lot to pick up if you start out here.

The best Landing Spots in Fortnite 4: Reality Falls

Reality falls with the tree of life is a popular area because it’s one of the few to find saplings in. Plus, it’s quite central and takes up a large area. There’s 37 chests here and even more in the surrounding forests, so it’s well worth it in terms of loot as well.

The best Landing Spots in Fortnite 5: Logjam Lotus

Logjam Lotus is special because it randomly changes appearances every single game – taking the appearance of one of the previous Seasons. The amount of loot here is slightly lower than in the previously mentioned ones and varies slightly between each theme iteration, but in return it tends to be higher level.

The best Landing Spots in Fortnite Bonus Round:

How about a couple of locations off the beaten path of hotspots? We gathered a couple of interesting ones for you.

South of Sanctuary

Sometimes going off into the wilderness can be just as rewarding as focusing on the loot heavy hotspots. The area to the south of Sanctuary is relatively empty and only sports a few loot caches, but that can make it a perfect starting place for people who are still learning the ropes or those who want a calmer round focused on exploration, basic quests or fishing. If you do want to branch out, there’s three islands to the east with high-rank loot to be found.

Shell or High Water

One of the new Chapter 3 locations, Shell or High Water is a location with only a few chests and ammo boxes, but the lower amount of loot also means it’ll be a more quiet starter location if you’re looking to avoid named locations and the fray associated with them. It’s close enough to Sleepy Sound and Logjam Lotus to branch out once you’ve gathered what you need and got your bearings.


This elusive little “loot boat” is really hard to find, so you maybe shouldn’t count on having it as your landing location. It’s always on the move along the coastline too so there’s no fixed location to focus on. But if you do spot it – get there as fast as possible, because its supply of high-tier weapons and healing items is one of the best to start the game with!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

If you want to make a strong start with a lot of loot and don’t mind competition as you start out, we currently recommend dropping at Rave Cave, Tilted Towers or the Daily Bugle. You can also check out Reality Falls and Logjam Lotus for fewer, but higher-tier loot you may not find in other locations.

If you want to take a moment to get your bearings, gather resources and prepare before joining the battle against other players, you should check out the wilderness south of Sanctuary and Shell or High Water. Both are light on loot but offer opportunities to gather resources and prepare yourself before you go off into combat.

Feeling lucky? Pick a spot by the coast to drop and see if you can find Pawntoon, the pirate ship stuffed full of high-tier weapons and healing items. You’ll need to search for it since it doesn’t have a fixed location, but the effort is well worth the reward! is a leading hub for all things esports and competitive gaming. From Counter-Strike to Valorant, from League of Legends to Dota 2, it's all covered, along with the community news that matters most to gamers.