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Best Dota 2 Heroes to play in patch 7.31d

The current Dota 2 patch 7.31d is home to many trending heroes in the meta. Few heroes are making waves, considering the buffs they have received.

Today, we will take a look at the best intelligence heroes in patch 7.31d.


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Enchantress is a highly underrated hero. As a situational hero, she is often a neglected pick by the players.

She is hard to deal with, especially during the early stage. Early in the game, Enchantress is a pain-in-ass because of her passive ability, that slows down any incoming physical attacks from her enemy.

It is fun to watch the enemy heroes’ attack rate diminish and also annoying to experience. She is an excellent healer and comes in handy.

Enchantress is also excellent at pushing lanes since she can convert neutral or enemy creeps, apply early pressure and provide considerable damage.

She looks easy to play but is rather extremely difficult to execute.


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Puck is an agile hero capable of instilling fear amongst the enemy ranks. He is great at escaping team fights as well as excellent at setting up team fights.

Skilled Puck players can single-handedly turn around games while dealing heavy damage. Not an easy hero to master, Puck is a win condition in great hands.

Efficient at farming creeps, controlling and roaming different lanes, providing momentum to allies, locking enemy with his ultimate and ensuring the balance is maintained.

That is Puck for you.

Easy on the eyes but terrible in the wrong hands.

Bane Elemental

Best Dota 2 Heroes
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Bane has four potent single-target skills that can wreak havoc in the enemy ranks.

Brain Sap allows Bane to deal hefty damage and simultaneously steal an equal amount of health points for himself. Thus it is a unique ability that heals himself and damages the enemy.

Nightmare ability is a nightmare as it can place a unit – enemy or ally – to sleep and disable it momentarily. With Nightmare, a good Bane player can always set up fights.

Fiend’s Grip is one of the deadliest skills in the game. Bane channels Fiend’s Grip to disable the enemy target, drain mana, and deal damage over time.

In short, he’s a must to climb up the ladder.

These are the best Dota 2 heroes to play right now.

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