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Best CSGO practice maps that will transform your aim

Within CSGO, practice maps are the key to rising through the ranks.

Scrolling through CSGO’s workshop, there are plenty of options for maps to practice your aim, utility, and map awareness. But finding a well-designed map that meets your desired standards is always hard.

That’s why we present the top three CSGO practice maps to you.

1. YPRAC Maps – The Best CSGO practice maps

YPRAC maps are hands down the most incredible practice maps in CSGO.

Yesber, the creator, set out to produce the best practice maps. He did this by adding uniqueness and exclusivity to his maps.

Yesber created a practice map for every available CSGO map and every single thing you would want to practice.

These maps include aim training, peek training, pre-fire training, attack/defend training, wallbang training, reaction training, Molotov, grenade, flashbang, and smoke training. Rifles, pistols, shotguns. The whole shebang.

Yes, each map covers every known throwable utility spot.

You will not find a single creator other than Yesber that offers this extensive coverage over every map in one playlist.

If you fancy just an aim trainer, he also offers one of those too.

2. CSGOHUB skills training map

If you fancy a chilled training experience, CSGOHUB skills training map is for you.

This map offers a series of different training experiences and scenarios.

If you want to relax and shoot, you can relax and shoot.

If you want to be challenged, there are multiple installed settings you can select on the wall menu located in the image.

The bots are also programmed to do different things, meaning if you want a moving target, that’s no problem.

This map offers a less demanding “vibe” and lets you experiment with different training options.

3. training_aim_csgo2

training_aim_csgo2 mainly focuses on reaction time and flicks.

Flicking and reaction time are two main fundamentals that will separate better and worse players, making this map a necessity to practice.

On this map, you shoot one wall that will display different targets of different sizes, speeds, and positions. Your task is to hit them in as less shots as possible.

You, of course, like the other maps, have an interface located at the front of the map where you are able to select challenges and different weapons you want to practice with.

You are also able to go onto different platforms, which are further away from the target, making it more of a challenge for you to hit.

How do I download practice maps in CSGO?

There is no point in creating a list without telling you how to download them.

So, all the maps listed will be found in the CSGO’s steam community workshop, meaning players are responsible for curating these maps.

To those who know, brilliant. But for those who don’t, here is how to download maps from steams CSGO workshop.

Head over to your steam client or webpage, open “community,” find CSGO, select “workshop” tab, search desired map name in the search bar, click the map, and click “subscribe” to download.

Please remember to sign in to your steam account, or it won’t be downloaded!

Once subscribed, open CSGO, click “Play CSGO,” select the game mode to “workshop maps,” and it should appear.