Killing time

Best browser games to kill time at work

If you’re looking for a way to pass the time on a slow day at work, or laid up in bed with a cold, or just twiddling your thumbs over a cup of coffee, you could probably do with a bit of entertainment.

Our list below of the five best browser games is certainly one solution to keep you occupied on a rainy day.

These low-maintenance games are ideal especially at work because they don’t need to be downloaded, and don’t require a high-spec PC. Take a look at the best browser games around today.
Steve Howse

If you’re of the generation that played Snake on monochromatic retro Nokia phones, then you’ll love

You get to control a shiny, customizable snake-like avatar in a multiplayer arena to consume colorful orbs. While you can’t eat the other snakes, you can time your movements so that other snakes bump into yours and explode into more edible pellets.


id Software

This 1993 first-person-shooter classic was one of the most popular games originally released on the DOS platform and is now available on your browser.

Attack and defeat demonic creatures that have broken loose from hell, and save humankind’s Phobos base from utter destruction. Doom was the original FPS pioneer and one of the most popular game franchises of all time and easily makes it to our list of best browser games.


best browser games: spelunky

Developed independently by Derek Yu’s Mossmouth, Spelunky is a 2D roguelike adventure where you hop through ancient, procedurally generated tunnels in search of treasure.

The deep, dark caves change every time you play it, and the retro graphics are highly enjoyable as well.

Town of Salem

best browser games: town of salem

Similar to Among Us, Town of Salem sets up a group of 7-15 players divided into three alignments – Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists, and Neutralists. No one knows who is who. If you’re one of the townspeople, the good guys, your objective is to track down the killers before they get to you.

It challenges your ability to infer as well as lie, and the immersive gameplay as well as the pretty environment makes it one of the best browser games currently available.


best browser games: isleward
Big Bad Waffle

Isleward is an open-source roguelike that is fully moddable, and free to play. Here you get to create a character and set about forming a party before you set off to explore different islands, hunting down monsters in your pursuit of treasure.