Bel'veth OP?

Bel’veth was a mistake; overreactions from Vitality vs SK Gaming

Bel’veth was a mistake.

SK Gaming are a very weak team at this moment in time, but they at least decided they were going to try something new in the draft now that Gadget was playing over Jezu.

Karthus/Senna just sounds miserable to play against.

It looked like it might work; their initial teamfighting looked solid, even if they were generally getting outlaned.

Vitality were flexing their muscles, though, and essentially outplayed SK individually in the teamfights with some lovely engaging from Labrov and follow up from Alphari.

Bel’veth, incidentally, didn’t seem all that useful at first, flashing forwards to do… nothing.

But after Vitality took a commanding lead and Baron, we got to see exactly what the new champion can do, and boy was it disgusting. It’s like Viego on shimmer, or something.

Compare that to the completely useless Lee Sin who couldn’t do much outside of the odd kick and then die, and you start to see why the Void mother was prioritised.

She looks like the best scaling jungler on the patch on this showing, with a strong clear and teamfighting good enough that even Haru could pop off on it.

It was against SK Gaming, but still.