Bees and Panthers – EPL Match of the Day

After two days of Group B in the ESL Pro League Season 15, there were two unexpected leaders. Furia and ENCE won their opening series and are now on the verge of qualifying for the playoffs.

If Furia manages to claim Vitality's scalp, they've all but secured a spot in the top three.

The Danish-French bees aren't out of contention but need to win today if they want to stay in the race.

Starting to feel pressure

Image: ESL - Adela Sznajder

Vitality started EPL doing precisely what they had to: comfortably beating Sprout.

But yesterday's loss against ENCE threw a spanner in the works. Vitality came into group B thinking they would qualify without breaking a sweat but should be getting nervous now.

The newly formed team has had some months to find common ground, a playstyle that fits both the Danish and French players in the team.

The loss against ENCE can be blamed on an off-day, but how much they struggled was remarkable. It wasn't a matter of ENCE winning a couple of key rounds: they managed to blow away Vitality.

A subsequent loss against Furia would hamper Vitality's ambitions in EPL.

If not in other events.

Not the norm

Image: DreamHack

Whenever Furia is in good form, they are a delight for the viewers. Which team will buy a PP-Bizon? Who will push blindly behind enemy lines with an AWP? That's right, Furia.

Furia is a team that no one can hate. A certain naivety, flashy star players, and a madman in-game leader.

In their opening game, they managed to overpower Outsiders and kept it together against Sprout.

Coming into the event, Furia was a team in limbo: Not considered favorites to qualify, but also able to beat any team in the group.

They were the fourth strongest team, but the way the group is playing out could end up on top.