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Flex on the Rift

Be unpredictable: Here are the flex picks on LoL Patch 12.14

  • League of Legends champion roles are no longer a one-dimensional game, far from it
  • Now, flex picks is a thing and it can help grant an advantage in champion select
  • As of season 12, there are more than 50 different flex picks

With how big League of Legends became over the years, the amount of different champions and items has led to a lot of champions becoming “flex picks.”

A flex pick is essentially a champion that can be played in different roles. While all champions have some defined roles from release, some can end up viable in different lanes depending on the meta and playstyle. 

Take for instance a champion like Taliyah. She was originally introduced as a mage for the mid lane, but players quickly figured out that she was already very good in the jungle. Taliyah is one of many examples of flex picks in LoL. 

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Which champions can be a flex pick in League of Legends?

Flex picks are most commonly used in the professional scene to grant an advantage in champion select.

By drafting a flex pick, the opponent won’t know for sure where the champion will go if it can be played in different roles. 

The power of flex picks has come to fruition over the past years and has also spread to solo queue.

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As more and more champions have become viable in different roles, flex picking is now an integrated part of the game and adds another layer to the mind games and strategy that goes into the game.

To help create an overview of the current flex picks in League of Legends, here’s a list of the respective champions and the roles they can be viable in.

Note that several champions have been flex picks beforehand but might not be any longer.

Assassin flex picks: 

  • Akali (top and mid)
  • Ekko (mid and jungle)
  • Qiyana (mid and jungle)
  • Rengar (top and jungle)
  • Shaco (jungle and support)
  • Talon (mid and jungle)
  • Yone (mid and top)
  • Zed (mid and jungle)

Fighter flex picks: 

  • Gragas (mid, top, and jungle)
  • Irelia (mid and top)
  • Kayle (mid and top)
  • Lillia (jungle and top)
  • Mordekaiser (top and jungle)
  • Olaf (top and jungle)
  • Pantheon (top, mid, and support)
  • Renekton (top and mid)
  • Rumble (top and mid)
  • Shyvana (top and jungle)
  • Trundle (top and jungle)
  • Volibear (top and jungle)
  • Warwick (top and jungle)
  • Wukong (top and jungle)
  • Yasuo (mid, top, and bot)

Mage flex picks: 

  • Brand (mid and support)
  • Cassiopeia (mid and top)
  • Diana (mid and jungle)
  • Fiddlesticks (jungle and support)
  • Heimerdinger (mid and top)
  • Karma (mid and support)
  • Karthus (bot and jungle)
  • Lux (mid and support)
  • Seraphine (mid, bot, and support)
  • Swain (top, mid, bot, and support)
  • Sylas (top and mid)
  • Taliyah (mid and jungle)
  • Veigar (mid and bot)
  • Vel’Koz (mid and support)
  • Vladimir (mid and top)
  • Xerath (mid and support)
  • Ziggs (mid and bot)

Marksmen flex picks: 

  • Akshan (top and mid)
  • Lucian (bot and mid)
  • Miss Fortune (bot and support)
  • Tristana (mid and bot)
  • Twitch (bot and jungle)
  • Vayne (bot and top)
  • Zeri (mid and bot)

Support flex picks: 

  • Tahm Kench (top, bot, and support)
  • Zilean (mid and support)

Tank flex picks:

  • Amumu (jungle and support)
  • Maokai (top and support)
  • Poppy (top and support)
  • Sejuani (top and jungle)
  • Zac (top and jungle)

As Riot continues to release new champions, it’s expected that new flex picks will arise. The newest champion Nilah already has the potential to be flex picked, even though Riot is clearly aiming to have her in the bot lane exclusively, hence her passive.