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Gaming...A crime?

Bangladesh police arrests 108 PUBG Mobile players from a local tournament

If you thought losing at an esports tournament isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a player, you’re mistaken. In Bangladesh, over 100 players and management were arrested after a local PUBG Mobile tournament was reportedly raided by the police.

Bangladesh’s high court banned PUBG Mobile in August 2021, alleging that the battle royale title was “destructive” for the youth.

The PUBG Mobile tournament in question was taking place in the Chuadanga District of Bangladesh. Players from across the country had travelled to the location to compete in the LAN event.

The police were called in after the local administration heard about the tournament taking place for a banned game. The Chaudanga police station confirmed that 108 people were arrested. Additionally, the police recovered money and mobile phones from all the arrestees.

Bangladesh police at the PUBG Mobile tournament's venue arresting the players.

The police also added that most of the players who have been detained are school or college students. Twenty-four of the players were sentenced to two days imprisonment while 78 people’s age verification is currently ongoing.

Additionally, separate legal action will be taken against the six organizers.

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