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What a wild week we have had. They say, always expect the unexpcted, but who could have predicted this week? (if it was indeed you, pleas do contact me, I need to know the next loto numbers)

“A super Team split up, a long dead meme makes half a million dollar and a superstar gets his own skin line.”


Lets start with the most surprising news of the week, Dev1ce has left Astralis to join NIP. If you have been in the loop, or even if you have been sleeping for the last 2 years, Astralis had some major news this week with the leaving of the maybe most valuable player!

The CS:GO community was in an uproar, tweets coming out left and right. Of course, you had the obligatory team tweets, of how much they love each other and how good he is. But damn, how good is he truly? The opinions are split, you will find arguments for either and any side. In my humble opinion, CS:GO just got a whole lot more interesting

Source: @NIP on Twitter

10 years ago, when we were on our blackberry, for some of our readers still in the crip, life was good. No pandemic, One Direction and Justin Bieber were stealing our girl’s heart and the coolest president was sitting in the white house, Barack “Mamba” Obama.

Some of us might remember this meme of a girl in a yellow jacket, looking menacing towards a house that is burning down. I thought that meme was dead, but now we know the price of death.

500.000 Dollars is the price you have to pay to be catapulted back into relevance. That is how much Disaster Girls NFT sold for! Half a million. NFTs are a world in itself, but this news is just crazy to me.

Source: @NIP on Twitter

As a proud German, the happiest day of my life was the 7:1 vs Brazil in the World Cup! As our Head Editor would say, JA MAN! JAAAAAAAAAAAA MAN! What a feeling.

Brazilean star player Neymar is back in the news, this time not for diving but for something much cooler. He is getting his own Skin line in Fortnite and a tournament! That is huge news for Fortnite. Neymar has been known to play Fortnite and CS:GO and with this move, Epic Games found the face of the Youth.

A great move for Neymar and an even bigger move for Fortnite. But at this point, Fortnite will struggle to impress yours truly again, as they really have been bringing in big names, one after another!