B1T is the most mechanically gifted player CS has ever seen

If a single one of you responds to this article with the name of an AWPer, God will smite a puppy down for each time it happens. You have been warned.

B1T is comfortably the most gifted player we’ve ever seen, and could end up being one of the genuinely best players we’ve ever seen if he maintains this level of play.

His aim is aimbot-tier. That’s not even a joke, he averages over 65% headshot rate, and I’d hazard that another 10% of his kills are a dink with a bodyshot from the M4. He’s the only player I’ve ever seen who exclusively aims at the head – which is a bizarre thing to say, but it’s true.

Well, ScreaM did too… let’s just say B1T is the only good player I’ve seen do that.

Born to win

Natus Vincere is Latin for ‘born to win’, which is pretty apt in B1T’s case. He’s won pretty much half of the events he’s played at for NiP, and he’s 18 – it’s not even like this mechanical ability is theoretical. He’s already destroying good teams.

Not a single player has more consistent headshot first bullet aim, and yet his spray control is ridiculous too; he just controls the spray into a double dink, somehow. 

The A1-S buff doesn’t even affect him, because he never actually shoots at the body. It’s so strange to observe someone who solely deals in headshots, even though it seems so natural. Just… shoot them in the head. Why doesn’t everyone do this?

s1mple reading this article, before realising that he has to rely on the AWP.

His ability to trade frag with a rifle is essentially unparalleled, and if and when needed, his first bullet aim is so extraordinary that he can entry frag too. He’s not shown himself to be a notable clutcher, but he could easily be a Twistzz style clutcher – someone who can win post plant 1v3s out of nowhere from raw aim alone.

He’s not going to outwit two or three players to take a favourable duel because he literally doesn’t need to. It seems like that would put a cap on how good you could be, like it does to most aim stars, but he is winning absolutely everything, so like, why change?

His rating doesn’t drop against better teams, he averages 67% headshots at the peak of CS and he absolutely blasts good teams out of the server with raw mechanical skill on a rifle. The only players who come close to him mechanically are NiKo and maybe peak Twistzz or someone like YEKINDAR – like serious, serious headhunters. 

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