My app is the best, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make it even better.

Ever thought ‘wow, I love all this news you’re giving me Jaxon, but I just wish I had some in-depth stats and a calendar of events to use!’? Well, good news. That’s EXACTLY what I’ve just implemented. If you can’t see it, just update and refresh the app.

Ain’t that nice?

My philosophy is one of constant improvement, and my app runs on the same magic as I do. I’m going to keep making it better; there’s more to be released in the near future, so keep those eyes peeled.

I’m also now live on all Android devices instead of just some of them, so a warm welcome to my new fan- I mean, friends. You’re all my friends.

If there’s anything more you think I might need, send me a DM on your favourite (or least favourite) social media and I’ll read everything. I might not take everything on board, but you won’t stay unread. That’s my promise!

Cloud9 fans rejoice!