atari 50th anneversary

Blast from the past

Atari 50th Anniversary Collection includes 90+ free games

  • Atari will be celebrating turning 50 with the Atari 50th Anniversary Collection.
  • The collection will feature over 90 games.
  • Along with the classics, we’ll be able to play some new games that never made the cut.

Atari is celebrating its 50th birthday with the Atari 50th Anniversary Collection, coming to Nintendo Switch and other consoles.

The event will feature interviews, stories about development, and – of course – over 90 free games from the Atari backlog.

Atari is no longer the biggest name in gaming, but it’s a legend in the space and shows how such a company can endure through multiple changes in technology.

Atari 50th Anniversary Collection

You can take a full look at all of the games included in the event on the Atari website. They even break them down into genre and platform, so you can see if your favorite game is available on your console of choice.

Nintendo Switch has been getting a ton of love from developers, with ports for No Man’s Sky and Persona recently announced. Another 90+ Atari games certainly won’t hurt the sales pitch.

Within the list of games in the Atari 50th Anniversary Collection are some new ones – games that never saw the light of day during the Atari console heyday.

I probably won’t be playing these games every day – a bit Boomerish for me – but I’m all the way in on getting back into Roller Coaster Tycoon.