Credit: LCK

At last: LCK to allow Covid-positive players to play online during playoffs

As Covid-19 cases soar in South Korea, the LCK has finally decided to allow players to compete online if they have tested positive for Covid-19.

In fact, they finally found a way to do so while complying with the Korean Esports Association’s (KeSPA) guidelines, which require a referee’s onsite presence when a player competes remotely.

Indeed, Covid-19’s highly contagious nature prevented referees from monitoring a player under isolation. The LCK’s workaround involves monitoring via cameras and microphones to prevent foul play. Metal detectors will also be operational to prevent other electronic devices from being within the vicinity, lest potential cheating happen.

Therefore, affected players will decide whether they want to participate during the playoffs. If their symptoms worsen, they can also call for an emergency substitute to take their spot.

If an affected player somehow crossed those rules, the LCK will be able to interrupt the game immediately, check all recordings, and take decisions accordingly.

The measures may seem draconian compared to those subjected by western players in the LEC and LCS, but South Korea reckoned with massive scandals in the past.

KeSPA banned StarCraft: Brood War pro Ma “saviOr” Jae-yoon (2010) and StarCraft II powerhouse Lee “Life” Seung-hyun (2016) for life at the height of their careers due to their involvement in wider-scale match-fixing scandals.

Seen that way, although regrettable, the situation is far more understandable.