Insane price

Astralis want $50m for LEC spot?!

How much would you pay to own an LEC team?

If the number you just came up with was less than $50m, you wouldn’t even be able to own the spot to the LEC, never mind the team.

That’s according to Esportmaniacos, who believe Astralis are asking for between “40 and 50 million dollars” just for the LEC spot from KOI, or presumably, Karmine Corp.


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I love the LEC. It’s my favourite league to watch. Most of the time.

The times it’s not my favourite are usually when watching Astralis play.

But $50m?

We’ve seen some of the best players in the minor leagues come up and look mediocre; xMatty and Reeker were very highly rated in the lower leagues and haven’t done a whole lot in the LEC.

There are, of course, huge success stories, but if you’re bringing a whole team up from the minor leagues you have to gamble that most of your players will step up.

Chances are, you’d be paying $50m to be a bottom feeder team.

For some of the bigger ERL teams, it’s not even like not being in the LEC is stopping you from making money or being one of the most influential teams in Europe, either. K-Corp are massive.

If anything, them going up to the LEC and struggling would kill some of the mysticism. Kinda like how we can pretend Dopa *might have* been the GOAT if he could have played pro.

Is it worth 10 figures to see Rekkles back in the LEC? (no)

Astralis ‘want’ 40-50 million dollars for the spot in the same way I ‘want’ to be in Daft Punk. I already have the helmet and everything, so if anything that might be more reasonable.

If someone is to take them up on the offer, I hope they manage to negotiate a fairer price. Most esports orgs don’t make money, and I don’t think there’s any chance of a return on investment from that.

Actually, the only way it could happen is if the LEC themselves subsidise it. I mean, K-Corp have one of the biggest fanbases in Europe, and it would improve the product massively to have them involved.

Astralis can barely be bothered to try, while K-Corp would have to.

It sounds insane, but maybe the LEC should help Astralis sell and get someone who cares a bit more involved.

Who else?

There’s no way on earth an ERL team can afford that price, and Astralis know that. It’s either a bargaining tactic, or they’re pretending they want to sell by putting up a crazy price.

The only other orgs who can afford such a ludicrous price would be football teams with money to burn or some deep-pocketed esports fanatic, a la Rick Fox, who wants a plaything.

Maybe someone at Arsenal is a huge fan of the LEC, or maybe Dortmund want to waste that Erling Haaland money, but that seems incredibly unlikely.

Football teams are already a massive money sink, few of them can afford a second.

Unless Elon Musk or Cristiano Ronaldo decide for a change of occupation, Astralis are out of luck trying to sell for that absurd price.

Either they need to lower their price of their own accord, or Sjokz needs to threaten them with a monologue until they do.