Astralis triumph in the Danish derby while NiP bomb out to VP

Astralis on LAN 😳

Heroic were blown away in two maps by an Astralis team who seem to have hit a new level offline.

In the absence of device it was dupreeh who stepped up to the plate to carry the fragging numbers, but it was an encouraging showing from Bubzkji, especially on Inferno.

Truly, Astralis were pretty dominant, and it never felt like Heroic were going to win. Just like the… good old days, I guess. There were very few huge moments for Astralis, just calm, cool, collected gameplay. As clean a 2-0 as you could imagine in a game like that. Heroic get shifted down into the Lower Bracket.

But they won’t meet device…

Speaking of clean 2-0s…

Few expected NiP to go out early after their opening game, but they got taken to the cleaners by It wasn’t Jame or YEKINDAR at the top of the scoreboard, though, it was buster – who topfragged on both maps. device was nowhere to be seen.

We’ve been robbed of a device vs Astralis potential showdown, but it’s nice to see VP looking like a quality team again.

Jame, of VP

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