Credit: Astralis

Astralis, NiP support Ukraine as Russia attacks in Eastern borders

What used to be tensions between Russia and Ukraine has turned into war—a war forced upon Ukraine as footage of Russian aggression piles up. Amid it all, many can only watch and take a stand.

Usually apolitical as are most esports organizations, Astralis broke the mould and changed its logo’s colors in solidarity with Ukraine—a simple move that spoke volumes.

The war will undoubtedly impact esports—especially in the CIS region, where Russian players team up with Ukrainians frequently (e.g.: Na’Vi in CS:GO, several teams in the League of Legends Continental League).

Meanwhile, other teams are joining Astralis in voicing their support—as is the case with Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Update: 12:06 CET — G2 Esports have also voiced their support for Ukraine, hours after Astralis first did so.

Update: 13:20 CET — Excel Esports, Fnatic and SK Gaming, both of whom compete in the LEC against Astralis, have also joined the Danish organization in expressing their support for Ukraine.

SK Gaming expressed their support a few minutes after Astralis did so.

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