It has only been about two weeks since Astralis celebrated the grand opening of their new “Astralis Nexus” –  a gaming centre slash esports hub slash merch store.

Since then the boasting 1200m2 “Nexus” in the heart of Copenhagen, has already been forced to close twice and is currently not operating.

The Danish esports media has obtained access to documents from the Copenhagen municipality, stating that Astralis and Tivoli – who is renting the space to Astralis – has not fully obtained building permits for this new construction.

Furthermore, Tivoli and Astralis did not submit the correct documents to the Copenhagen municipality till four days after their grand opening on June 19th – documents that have yet to be approved.

Head of press at Tivoli, Torben Plank has issued a statement to Danish media:

“It is true that since the opening of Astralis Nexus there have been some doubts about certain things regarding our building permit. We are looking into it and have chosen to collaborate with the municipal authorities, to keep Astralis Nexus closed till the case is resolved”

It is expected that Astralis Nexus will open again soon and according to Torben Plank himself, the case is being treated urgently by the Copenhagen municipality.

Since the grand opening on June 19th, the Astralis Nexus has had its doors open a total of three full days.
Steen Laursen, head of communications for Astralis also states that:

“Of course it is sad that we have to close but we respect that things have to be done correctly.
We have had such a warm welcome and now we are just excited to show what this place is really about!”

It was a grand opening indeed when Astralis first opened the doors to the Nexus at 10 AM on June 19th.
According to Astralis the first visitors already starting lining up outside the vicinity before 5 AM and the Nexus had a total of over 2000 visitors on their first day.

The launch was amped up with a live DJ, goodie bags for the first 100 visitors, giveaways on a full gaming PC and other gear, signing sessions with both the CS:GO and FIFA team and much more.

Thus it seems even more anticlimactic that the Astralis Nexus has not been able to conduct much official business.

Photo: Astralis press